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  • List of viral families
  • List of used abbreviations
  • List of used abbreviation

    A-72 canine tumour cell line
    AS antiserum
    AS/Gt antiserum, goat
    AS/Cf antiserum, calf
    AS/Rt antiserum, rat
    ATCC American Type Culture Collection
    AUBEK bovine foetal kidney cell line
    B/K bovine kidney cells
    B/K line bovine kidney cell line
    B/L bovine lung cells
    B/LN bovine lymph node cells
    B/T bovine testes cells 
    BF/TH bovine foetal thyroidea cell line
    B/TR bovine trachea cell line
    B/SK bovine skin cells
    BF/K bovine foetal kidney cells
    BF/L bovine foetal lung cells
    BHK-21 baby hamster kidney cell line
    BTu/C bovine turbinate cells
    BSC Cercopithecus monkey kidney cells
    CE chicken embryo
    CE/ALS chicken embryo allantoic sac
    CE/C chicken embryo cells (fibroblasts)
    CE/CAM chicken embryo chorioallantoic membrane
    CE/L chicken embryo lung cells
    CE/LI chicken embryo liver cells
    CRFK ATCC CCL-94 cat kidney cell line
    D-17 canine primary osteogenic sarcoma cell line
    D/K dog kidney cells
    CE/K chicken embryo kidney cells
    DKE duck embryo
    EBTr emryonic bovine trachea cell line
    EF/L equine foetal lung cells
    EPC epithelioma papulosum cyprini cell line
    F/C feline cells
    Fe feline cell line
    F/K feline kidney cell line
    F/K Crandell Crandell feline kidney cell line
    Fc3Tg feline tongue diploid cell line
    FHM fathead minnow cell line
    G/K gossling kidney cells
    H hamster
    sHA/K syrian hamster kidney cell line
    HeLa human cervical carcinoma cell line
    L/K lamb kidney cells
    L lamb lung cells
    L929 mouse fibroblast cell line
    M mouse
    MA-104 embryonic rhesus monkey kidney cell line
    MARC-145 monkey kidney cell line
    M/B mouse brain cells
    MF/F mouse foetal fibroblasts cells
    MDBK Madin Darby bovine kidney cell line
    MDCK Madin Darby canine kidney cell line
    NBIMCC National Bank for Industrial Microorganisms and Cell Cultures
    NPTh pig thyroid cell line
    O/K ovine retina cells
    Patent patent strain
    PD 5 pig kidney cell line
    P/K pig kidney cells
    PK-K pig kidney cell line
    Pkc pig kidney cell line
    PK 15 pig kidney cell line
    P/L pig lung cells
    P/T pig testes cells
    PLM pig lung macrophages cell culture
    P/SK pig skin cells
    P/TH pig thyroid cells
    PF/K pig foetal kidney cells
    PFL-R equine foetal lung diploid cell line
    PG pike gonad cell line
    R rabbit
    REF rabbit embryonic fibroblats
    RT rat
    R/K rabbit kidney cells
    RK-13 rabbit kidney cell line
    RPD pig kidney cell line
    RtF/F rat foetal fibroblasts cells
    RTG-2 rainbow trout gonad cell line
    R.i.c. rabbit intracerebral
    SHA syrian hamster
    SK-6 swine kidney cell line
    SPEV swine foetal kidney cell line
    SPF specific pathogen free
    ST swine testes cell line
    VERO African Green monkey kidney cell line
    CR Czech Republic
    SR Slovak Republic